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I became a wedding planner because I’ve always loved organizing dinners, and events, since when I was very young I used to help and love organize dinners with my mom. Good manners ran in the family, as well as the love for Beauty and Elegance. Passion, skill and hard work made it my dream job.

I’m 36 years old, I’m a mother of two and wife and I can say I’m Happy. Why? Because everyday I can do the Job that I love. 

I  find many of my passions in my job: my interest for architecture when scouting for Villas, my passion for nature while choosing flower options and arrangements, my love for music when selecting the right compositions for the right time,  my devotion to fashion in the wonderful brides wedding dresses, and my italian love for food while deciding the best catering and banqueting services. 

After graduating in Communications in 2010, I started this activity, searching for venues and locations, vendors, inspirations and pictures. Since year one, even though being a Wedding Planner was not very well known in Italy, the first clients arrived, and since then I never stopped organizing, planning, calling and making sure my clients get what they want. 

I’ve chosen a team of professionals that I trust and I follow personally, every client. I’m there for them from the moment they become clients, to the day of the wedding. I live and breath for their joy. For your joy.

A wedding planner true goal is to create an unforgettable atmosphere, a magical feeling for the bride and groom, and every one of their guest, without forgetting the budget.

I’m located on Como Lake but I organize everywhere in Italy, from Milan to Sicily. The majority of the events I organize are located in Lombardy, Toscany,  Veneto, Lazio, Sicily and South of France.  

Happy Clients

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So Much to DO.                                                      So Little Time.                                               That’s Where I come IN.

I’ve been there. To plan a good wedding you need patience, concentration, focus. To plan a great wedding, you need 1000 more. Every detail must be perfect. I understand, I’ve been there. Let me help  you with some or all of the tedious but necessary tasks we’ll have to go through. Choosing the right venue, the flowers, caterers, the wedding cake, the travel details, the food allergies, the musical band, the lights, the transfers. Everything that can be arranged, I’ll arrange. We’ll plan it together. It will be Your day.  Let me take care of some of the stress. 

Planning & Budgeting

Wedding budgeting can become a nightmare if you don’t know what you are doing. Staying on top of your wedding budget and keeping track of all your expenses can be extremely stressful.  Let us help you by taking care of the monthly budget tracker and let you focus on enjoying the experience.

Venue & Decor

Our directory lists vetted venues to ensure you will only work with the very best in Italy. It provides the most important information for each venue in order to respect your style. From North (Como Lake) to South (Sicily), we will get you the right Venue for your wedding. Maggy’s events have always been a pleasure for the eyes. Flower designs and decor choices are event-unique and exclusives. The choice of evocative flowers that depicts Nature endless beauty,  matched with your personal style and choices, are reflected by the decoration, the bouquet, the arrangements. 

Event & Guest Coordination

Transfers from and to the airport, train station or other location has to be taken care of, with particular focus on timings and coincidences. You want to guarantee the best comfort for Your guests, starting from the moment they land, when they get to the Hotel or Villas and to the Wedding Venues. My team and I have partnered with some of the most luxurious and fantastic hotels in Italy and you can benefit from a discount if you decide to have your guests stay in these facilities. The best way to show your Guests how grateful you are for them to be here during Your day.