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PlANning Services

Full & Partial Event PlannIng


Symbolic Ceremony

Most ceremonies follow a similar format, so if you’ve been to (or been in) a few, you’ve probably got an idea of how the wedding order of service usually flows. Of course, different cultures and religions incorporate different distinctive elements, and there’s so much to love about each!

Catering & Banqueting

Food is essential for the success of the event. Catering and Banqueting are services that can provide tradition and innovation. You are sure to surprise and captivate your guests with the world famous dishes or with an unheard recipe. It can be a special day for everyone.

Design & Styling

My team and I will help you find the right style, every detail counts.  From the choices in the aesthetics we’ll create the wow effect you desire. We will create a project that talks about you visually, narrates Your story, and take into consideration the next chapter of Your life.

Flowers design & Decor

Maggy’s events have always been a pleasure for the eyes. Flower designs and decor choices are event-unique and exclusives. The choice of evocative flowers that depicts Nature endless beauty,  matched with your personal style and choices, are reflected by the decoration, the bouquet, the arrangements. 


Wedding stationery (also wedding suite) is the color-matching papers of a wedding. It expresses,  with courtesy and elegance, the style chosen for the event.  It’s your written signature, that depicts your choices of style and provides coherency and identity during the different moments of the wedding and that stays with you and your guests after.

Photographer / Videographer / Video Maker

Photographers and videographers will capture the essence of the day, but their style may vary: refined, glamorous, extravagant. I’ll help you find someone that matches Your style, feelings , and artistic beauty. Frames and movies are forever. Let’s be sure are how You want them.

Music (live, dj, etc) / Entertainment

The choice of Music during an event is crucial: it creates the right atmosphere, pathos and feels for every moment. From the ceremony to the party, choosing the right soundtrack ensures the success of the endeavour. I can help you define the styles, instruments, positions and timings of such. 

Service Audio & Lights design

Lights Design is both functional and aesthetic. What are the dominant color? Which elements are highlighted?  What type of lamps expresses the ideas and design underneath? Functionally it helps guests understand how times and spaces are divided. I collaborate with experts in the field to provide the best outcome. 

Make Up Artist / Hair Stylist

I works with some of the most well known beauty experts in Italy but my network expands overseas. Wedding hairstyles, makeup, and much more for the most spectacular events. I offer convenient on-site services to meet your bridal beauty needs.

Transfer (bus, boats, connect flights)

Transfers from and to the airport, train station or other location has to be taken care of, with particular focus on timings and coincidences. You want to guarantee the best comfort for Your guests, starting from the moment they land, when they get to the Hotel or Villas and to the Wedding Venues. 


My team and I have partnered with some of the most luxurious and fantastic hotels in Italy and you can benefit from a discount if you decide to have your guests stay in these facilities. The best way to show your Guests how grateful you are for them to be here during Your day.

Boat Tours

If you are planning a wedding on the Lake (Como Lake) or on the Italian riviera, a Boat Tour can create life-lasting memories. Some of the best views and panorama are only accessible by water and during the many years in the business, Maggy and her team have created an extended network of partners, Boats, Helicopters and Private Flights. 

Budget Control

Wedding budgeting can become a nightmare if you don’t know what you are doing. Staying on top of your wedding budget and keeping track of all your expenses can be extremely stressful.  Let us help you by taking care of the monthly budget tracker and let you focus on enjoying the experience.


Welcome Party / Rehearsal Dinner

Wedding can last more than a day, especially if you come from afar. The best way to start the celebrations weekend is with a Welcome Party: a “day-before” dinner or rehearsal dinner open to all or some of the guests. For The Couple is about having the families and closest friends share the moment together.

Day-After Brunch / Barbeque / Pizza Party

You got married, You partied, You slept. A brunch before leaving is the best way to stay with your guests one more time before getting back. Or pizza. Or Barbeque. A wonderful time for the newlyweds to spend more quality time with their guests.

Concierge Service

Our Concierge services are designed to relieve you from the stress of planning things for your guests. It goes beyond booking hotel room blocks and transportation: a member of our team will be available by email and phone before the wedding to provide practical information and answers to your guests. From what’s the best way to get to the wedding venue, to which hotels are close by, what are the best restaurants around, where is the best hair salon, etc…


"Extraordinary weddings don't just happen, they are planned"